Do you feel that the interest is in the American peoples?

Realizing there is no hand in any major social legislation.
The party of the pretty people - is being exposed for what they are.
Not to the masses, but the important ones.
But then again - greed often overcome's shame.
When term limits are implemented - no longer will we have constant campaigning.
And then and only then will we move forward and continue to improve the status quo.


The American people deserve a competitive environment to choose from.
Competition creates innovation, lowers cost,and improves quality.

Do not let today's politicans fool you as they fool the religious bloc, laughing behind closed doors how they "stole the vote"
Fooling the small farmer in kansas, all the while giving the benefits to Con Agra, a large multi national agricultural firm.

Supreme court new ruling allows unlimited funding by outside companies to enter and influence the political electoral process!
I wonder if we here at New Paradigm Political Networks - can raise a little money, maybe overseas?
Should be no problem- we already have an audience out there!
Hey - I think . . Im a Republican!


سوف نقوم في جمع المال للتأثير على الحملات السياسية في أميركا
Было Кларенса Томаса, который положил лобковых волос на кокс Джинни!

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