Financial Stabilization Process

Guess what today is?
March 2010
It is a one year anniversary from the brink of depression.

It's now been a year since the dark days of early March 2009, when, ... At this writing (March 5),
the Dow is still up 60%, the S&P 500 68%, and the NASDAQ 83%.

You remember when Bear Stearns went into bankruptcy?
Lehman Bros?
AIG - GM - Mortgage Crisis?
You remember those dark days???

You remember the days when the opposition party purposely and disingenuously -
left this financial disarray for the opposition party to clean up, realizing that it will stall and
slow down that party to only allow itself to reengage and re energize itself to be elected again and
fool the american people into voting them back in?
You understand?
We do

You can try - as john Boehner says.. hard to do everything to stop legislation from passing,
but we too, have equal power and can do the same.

As said and " quoted " by our dear friend -
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says here
contentious, conniving ineffective way's are passe tactics of staid old politicians of yesteryear


Political Fundamentals 101 - "Made Easy"

Guess what... The stock market Dow Jones average was at a low of 6500 in march 2009.

The date is March 2010 and the Dow is 10,500
Up 60%

The critics are now silent - Yes?
Not too bad for a government program that actually works..


Geithner got it right - mother fucker.