It is a collection of the most overrated, misunderstood, apathetic, and self centered emotions
that are guided and used to deride, disillusion and defeat the american people of the truth.
It is employed in the game of "message warring".
If the American people only would take time to see clearly the real issues, policies and positions at stake,
then only then would they realize how deceitful and shameful the rhetoric is and that the countries
interest and the best policies are overridden to special interest groups and to the opposition party.

Take for example health care.
John Boehner wants to "scrap the bill and start over.
He actually complains about reading it and points out 4 "New" ideas that are already in the bill!
Each and every republican senator, trashed the stimulus package, voted NO, yet took credit for handing out the stimulus checks, smiling in ribbon cutting ceremonies and acknowledging the great benefits of the new stimulus and what it offers.

It is incredible to see such divisive tactics used to garner support, trick fool and deceive the american people.
This is true of both parties, Democratic's & Republicans, however, of late,the current times show the most unusually, transparent trickery ever.

The goal is to abolish the present form of political lobbying led leadership,
and allow the american people to better govern themselves.
This is America and politics is slowing us down.

Let's set the record straight

1981 - Reconciliation has been used a total of 22 times,
with the GOP, Republicans
using the reconciliation 16 times out of the 22 .

Our goal here at new paradigm Political networks is to present issues in a clear,
Concise way that the American people can understand.
A static tool to expose false persona and deceitful tactics.
Our Goal - ascertaining truh in politics for the american people
We intend to impose TERM LIMITS.
Some call our network anti american, some call it offensive
Most agree that it is just right
It is just what the Dr. ordered
it is for the good of the american people.
You too will see that it is -
HUGE Politics!

Thank YOU !

God Bless America

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